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Max Pickles I

By the end of the 80's decade, the world was suffering deep social, economic and political changes. None of this was relevant for Max Pickles, a punk with a particular personality and appearence, but with big ambitions, amazing agility, and a great desire of getting rid of bullying about his persona.

One day, it came to his knowledge the existence of a secret map, detailing the exact location of an abandoned diamonds mine. This map is supposedly hidden in the interior of a huge medieval castle where strange phenomena take place, probably related to the ghosts of former dwellers.

Max found in this story the opportunity to make fortune and thus get respect and social validation. Your mission is to help him to retrieve the map of the diamonds mine, from the interior of the haunted castle itself, and flee from such horrible place.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorWorld XXI Soft Inc.
TagsZX Spectrum


Max Pickles I.zip 208 kB

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