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"Welcome to the famous Thieves School! In this place, you'll learn everything related to theft and you'll able to graduate in Stealing Arts". Those were the first words that Mist and Courage heard when joining first year of this University. However, after almost 5 years of study, these students failed a key exam, leaving them with no possibilities of graduating. The professors decided to give them one more chance, an special exam consisting in a delictive tour around the world, in which they'll face many dangerous situations while stealing valuable goods.


  • Platform arcade of action and planning, with more than 60 levels.

  • Designed with SDV2, featuring coloured masked sprites graphic engine.

  • AY music specially composed for the game by Factor6, winner of many music competitions.

  • Two different game modes: "Action" and "Stealth". "Action" requires violence use and includes bosses to defeat, "Stealth" requires avoiding detection and steal using special skills (e.g. lock picking).

  • Two selectable characters with unique skills.

  • Wide range of game modes, allowing 1 or 2 players simultaneously, interacting in Cooperative or Deathmatch modes, against baddies or just the clock, fixed game lenght or endless, and other selectable parameters, meaning approximately 40 different game modes.

  • Cinematic intro, featuring stars casting.

  • Hidden options unlockable by finishing the different game modes.

  • Two records tables (one for each Graduation Tour) plus a record of the best grade obtained in a custom exam.

  • Option for loading expansion sets.

  • Option for adjusting music and sounds volume.

  • Control options: Two redefinable keys sets, Kempston, Sinclair (1,2), Cursor.

  • Language selection: English, Spanish

  • Available for Spectrum 128K models.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Thieves School Demo.tap 107 kB
Thieves School - Demo TRD.zip 40 kB

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